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Telcan enables you to Call India, Call the U.S. or Call Canada easily and allowing you to use your own mobile phone or internet connection from Hoboken NJ.

Communicate with your friends, family and company partners in India for just one cent per minute., a service of GlobalTel, is the very best Call India service on the marketplace and provides a high quality calling service to India using one account. How straightforward is that? is able to offer Call India and accurate billing and prepaid expense control for personal and business usage.

Now, you could take advantage of Call India while using lots of different local gain access to numbers as well as SMS to India. Use your cellular phone or connect by means of the Internet and save cash with our iPhone or Android VoIP Calling applications. This is a fantastic means to control your expense of doing business as well preserving your social and family connections while you are far from house. At our reduced rates, you could select up the phone and speak to your family at house in India, along with in Canada, the United States or anywhere worldwide.

Phone use fees are capped at one cent for each minute of time for telephone calls made to India. Family contacts could be preserved over hundreds of miles without placing a strain on the spending plan. Moms and dads or children could easily select up a phone and just call and not fret about the cost. Those old days of high rates are over with Telcan. It's that simple and a wonderful means to remain in touch with your loved ones. More Indian residents are finding the perks of Call India from each week. You could too.

When you start to use our service, we are positive you will not wait to refer to your friends. If your buddies subscribe for a basic $ 9.95 calling plan, you could earn a $ 2.00 bonus for any such referral. Inform them about our Call India and you could make free of cost cash with our Refer-A-Friend program.

Telcan's goal is to make telephone call in between Indian residents living or working abroad as simple and as economical as feasible. Our plan is successful in both cases. We have developed a number of easy to use attributes that make voice communications and SMS simple. We assign you with a PIN number and a regional number that you dial anytime you should call India. It's that easy! There are no connection costs or month-to-month upkeep costs deducted from your Telcan account.

Call using Telcan via Skype! You can additionally establish your Telcan account to make use of Skype as your local access number. This lets you call from anywhere in the World for even Less! Telcan has set up a Live Chat / Customer Support line that is available to our clients 24/7. Any issues that might occur will be quickly and immediately fixed. Telcan is rather easy to use and will quickly come to be second nature to you as you delight in Call India.

As one of our valuable customers recently uploaded, D. Kapoor has remarked," It's not the normal Pin Free calling card. It's clean, clear, accurate and simply better." See for yourself. See for further details.